Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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I am Akash , and i want to make movies . Cinema excites me and forces me to imagine . I fell from within that its just for me . But the problem is that i don't have any connection from any kind of cinema . But now i want to make movies . At starting i want to make individual movies with low budget that will be released on dvd's and in film festivals by making an entry their for our movie . Now i have my own script and i want to start my film from februrary. The script is already written . I need really passionate people , with whom i can learn something .

Whatever will be the profit generated will be divided equally among all of us . So i want everyone to take part with full dedication in the film . And i want each one of us to take part in making our film successfull .

Film will be short it can be from 15mins to 60mins .

Unleash your passion with me . Let's make our dreams one and with the power of many we will be able to fulfill our dreams . Individually we are nothing but together we can support each other in fulfilling our dreams . I know from within its not impossible , its very possible i just need your support . I want to make my own team and make an entry in this field .

I need my own crew , because the budget will be low i only need - DIRECTOR of PHOTOGRAPHY with atleast a high quality cam recorder, DIRECTOR OF AUDIOGRAPHY , SOUND EDITOR , PRODUCTION MANAGER if possible .

Please contact me if you are interested . call me at 08010190880 .
I am from delhi right . Please contact me as soon as posiible . Because i want to start movie from 15th of februrary .